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Rainbow Kidrainbow kid

1.The Color Of Hair

2.We Should Survive

3.What A Superstition

4.Click, Brrrrrrrrrr

5.Book Junkie!?

6.Extensive Reading-1

7.Extensive Reading-2

8.Sprouted Brown Rice

9.The Way To Minimalist

10.Buying Korean Books

11.Cat Friendly

12.On My Period


14.Bought Books

15.The Stupidest Question

16.The Tale Of Genji

17.Book Junkie 2

18.Book Junkie 3

19.Too close

20.Tear 2


22.Just Before…





27.Reading outside

28.Business Meeting Under COVID-19

29. Cooking

To The Paran

1. The Cat Learning Foreign Language
2. At The Bookstore
3. Foreign Language Learning Friend
4. Can You Say ‘Hello’ Or ‘Thank You’?
5. LOL!!
6. Emergency!!
7. No Reply
8. Nice To See You…??
9. Second Language
10. The End


1.Cats in My Parents’ House
2. My Blunders for Cats
3. Courtesy to Cat
4. My Appetite
5. The way I became an illustrator
6. Oh, Shit!!
7. Oh, Shit!! II
8. Magnificent Feet/Paws
9. Coffee And Me…
10. Turandot
11. Life Without TV
12. What I Should Do Yesterday.
13. My Room Was Messy
14. Old Clothes
15. For The First Time I Wore High Heels