One Day At a Chinese Restaurant In Tokyo, Under COVID-19

Maybe the great part of Japanese people (who is trusting PM Abe) don’t know how dangerous the situation is…

Me, too. Although I never trust present government, I went to a restaurant for lunch. 2 times a week.

It was Chinese restaurant which Chinese people run almost every time.

I want them to cheer up, feeling sorry for them as a Japanese citizen. Because of hate speeches against Chinese people by Japanese, in Japan.

I went to several Chinese restaurants in Tokyo. Majority of customers were Chinese at almost all restaurants I went to. Some of them, there were a few Japanese customers (except me)… by the way, Japanese people tend to prefer noodles than any other Chinese dishes… And at one of them, I was the only customer.

In the hard situation in Japan, I saw them working with extreme care.

Wearing masks of course, rubber gloves, even a shower cap at one of these restaurants, disinfecting tables and chairs very frequently, opening windows for ventilation (so it was a bit cold…)

One day I went to such a Chinese restaurant and ordered some hot spicy dish.

Then the waitress asked me…

You can choose the level of hotness.
-‘A little hot’, ‘Medium hot’, ‘Very hot’, or ‘Extremely hot’
-Extremely hot, please!

I like hot spicy foods. But it was not because only that. I felt I was challenged for some reason. Japanese people are said that they cannot eat hot spicy foods. But I am not. And especially that time, I wanted to show myself as a different type from majority of Japanese…

The dish came.

It was delicious. But hot. But delicious. But so hot. But delicious,


Though I could eat them, no problem, until—

Yes, until I swallowed cayenne pepper in the wrong way.

I narrowly cough violently.

How dare could I coughed!? In that restaurant, where Chinese people were making their best effort to prevent infection, fighting against prejudice and hate speeches from Japanese! How dare could I, I, a very Japanese!

If I were one of them, I swear, I couldn’t stop feeling terror, and even intention to kill such a Japanese customer coughing violently…

No, I didn’t cough. I resisted my physiological phenomenon. But during that, I was afraid my face looked so… suspicious.