Now I’m Drawing Storyboard of Cartoon “To The Paran”

A happy new year!

Last time I said “I will draw cartoons” on this blog.

Yeah. Where are they?

I’m drawing storyboard now… today I finished the storyboard of first episode.

I wanted to show you the cartoon without such how-is-it-going announcement, however, I found that it takes longer time to upload the cartoon than I thought. You may think I was dead because I don’t upload a new article… So I post it.

Here is the part of what I was drawing today.

It’s rough. I draw it with a pancil.

rainbow kidWhat are they? Cats?

Yes, cats on a spaceship. They are the members of a crew.

I’m preparing the story “To The Paran”. Cats travel the space to the planet Paran.

And here is our protagonist, Blackie.

A black cat. Also the member of a crew.

But why cats?

You know, I love cats…

Anyway, I’ll do my best to show you this cartoon as soon as possible…