This afternoon’s confession— Alcohol… isn’t it poison?

Yesterday night I bothered my husband, and passengers around me on the train…

What did you do?

I fell down on the floor of the train. I almost fainted. I got off the train with difficulty and called my husband, and asked him to take me home.

It was because alcohol… I rarely drink alcohol, but yesterday I enjoyed it in a certain party.

I felt so sorry for my husband… he had to came to the station after he took a bath. It was cold December night! Though he never complained about it… he laughed and joked having taking care of me dizzied. Oh, I love him so much!

Did anyone help you on the train?

A man asked me “Are you okay?” when I sat down on the floor of the train. But after that, even when I put my head down on the floor, I don’t remember someone asked me something or even noticed me fell down…

rainbow kidOh, city of Tokyo is so cold…

It could be said that, too. But I found something different in the situation… During dizziness, I found almost everyone I could see there was just before falling down on the floor! All of them seemed to be drunk.

It was possible on the midnight train in Friday.

I felt… alcohol was like poison.

rainbow kidEveryone know it.

No, no. Everyone don’t really know it, I think. For I didn’t know it really that alcohol is dangerous.

Actually, during I waited my husband at platform, I heard announcement that somebody fell down on the railroad line at the station before there and train had to be late 6 minutes…

I believed that someone was drunk… And I might fall down on the line if I had bad luck… I felt so scared. So scared myself having drink alcohol thinking nothing.

As I said, I rarely drink alcohol. I don’t like it so much. So I didn’t have to drink it… I will never drink again!

Good decision… And you should confess again when you drink again.