Tragicomedy of the Graduation Albums

I told about why I could start tidying my messy room before.

rainbow kidYou said you had a tragicomedy about dumping graduation albums.

Yes. It happened in the morning I put the albums on the dump site. It was the day recyclable trash collected. There were papers, cardboards, cans and bottles on the dump site.

I put the albums on there and went back home.

Mom noticed me coming back from dump site and asked me what I would throw.

I think I know all what happened, hearing the word “mom”…

I think your expectation is right. It is said that many people failed to throwing things because their moms didn’t allow it…

Mom was surprised finding me having dumped my graduation albums.

But I was surprised, too.

I never thought mom run out to the dump site and tried to take the albums back!

Could she?

I was afraid not… No, I was afraid of mom that time… because she didn’t give up even when she found the albums had gone from there.

She chased garbage track which had took them!

I yelled at her back “But the pictures aren’t there!”

No, pictures of people, or portraits (include of me) were not there. I had put them through a shredder already. Because I thought I shouldn’t leak private information like portraits.

How did your mom react?

She came back home and weakly sat down on the stair… and she sobbed… saying “Why had you dumped them… There was my favorite picture of you…”Oh, I was so sorry!!

So sorry for let you find me dumping!

I believe she had forgotten about her favorite picture until this morning, or even album’s existence itself…

rainbow kidWhat did her favorite picture look like?

Like this.

… It was me in Japanese traditional Karuta (Hyakunin-Isshu) game tournament of my junior high school. I got correct card before no one found it. I won in the tournament, so mom was proud of me.

Weren’t you proud of yourself?

Yes… but I don’t need such a picture…

Why don’t you give her this illustration.

Let her forget it…