My Room Was Messy

I’ve thought it couldn’t be helped to tidy my room up.

I knew there were things I never used any more in my room. The school-wears I had worn in my junior high school and high school, graduation albums, dolls, wooden things I made in manual arts class…

I took them in my closet and kept trying to forget. But I couldn’t.

Why? They were hidden in the closet.

Because I couldn’t take something in the full closet! I remembered that I had futile things when I failed to make my room looks tidy.

It depressed me…

A fact that there were bulky futile things in my room!

But I thought it couldn’t be helped…

Then you got to know KonMari and start tidying?

Hahaha, I read her books but after I tidied my room to a certain degree.

It was my cousin who taught me tidying.

When I went to her (parent’s) house, I wonder why her room was so clean and tidying. I was very surprised seeing her closet has room, not full!

I asked her how could you keep your room such neat.

She answered me, “Dump things”.

The scales fell from my eyes!

Next day I started. I threw old school-wears and wooden things I made!

I couldn’t throw dolls (because they were cute), so I gave them some children’s facility.

I doubt I cannot perfectly express my exhilarating feeling in that time!

It was like… I could relieve long long constipation!!

…Good. How about the graduation albums?

Oh… about the graduation albums, I should tell you some tragicomedy…