This Evening Confession

Oh, oh, please listen to me confessing!

What’s up?

I just watched a woman suffered… and did nothing.

It was this evening. I was getting off the train. There were 2 person… a middle woman and a middle man having a quarrel on the platform near by train I was getting off.

The woman seized man’s sleeve and blamed him.

“What’s wrong? Why did you cannoned into me?!”

I stopped at platform and watched them. The man said nothing. He shook her hand off and got into the train. She followed him into the train once, but soon she seemed to give up and got the train off.

What the hell was happened to them?

I knew soon. The man cannoned into her intentionally.

It frequently happened in Japan, recently. In the crowd—station or street—woman is hit by strange man. It’s a kind of hate crime against woman. I saw a video chasing and shooting such guy. He seemed to avoid to hit a woman with a man. Suitable choice for a sexist…

Actually, last week I also was hit by strange man… He kicked my leg when I got off the train. I couldn’t understand what was happened, nor seized his cloth and blamed him, of course…

This evening I should help her, catch him with her… Oh! I don’t understand myself! Why did I just stand like a fool?

I only talked to her after the strange man had gone. I apologized her for doing nothing. She said it was OK, and said that she couldn’t finish it because she had to go work after that.

But you should do something funny.

What do you mean, funny?

You should hit him and asked how he felt.

Oh… exactly it’s funny and right… I regretted so much.

Though I feel sorry about everyone there, especially tough looking guys, to pretend seeing nothing. I wish I were Baahubali! Or at least, a man… I never left them alone if I were!

Maybe I was scared to fight with the strange man. I knew my arms were weak and my hands were small.

And how about hers?

Oh my god, you’re severely right… I saw her hand small, too… and he also saw them and didn’t afraid. He might believe no one caught him for her sake, for common sense, and actually no one did! Ah!!!