Japanese Learning Korean—4. I want to read Hangul smoothly!

As a learner, I continue reading novels in Korean.

I borrow these novels from library. I borrow only one book at at a time… because I should return it in 2 weeks.

I can borrow the same book again so I don’t have to finish the book in 2 weeks. At first I started to read novels in Korean, I could not read it though in 2 weeks.

But recently I could. Unless it was too thick…

So you became able to read Korean faster.

A little. But I don’t feel I could read Korean faster than in that time… It’s far from smooth reading.

I thought I could read Korean smoothly after I read and read and read… well, I still think it’s true, but it’s too slow!

rainbow kidSlowly, but steadily. You should read 100 books in Korean!

Hmmmmm… I see.

But recently I found there are other methods.

To learn words.

You cannot read the word which you don’t know easily, even if in your native language, can you?

I found I should learn words, as many as possible. But…

rainbow kid surprisedGood, then, do it!

But…I’m not good at memorizing…

rainbow kidDo it.

But… I will soon forget…

rainbow kidDo it.

Well… after I read this novel and…

rainbow kidNow.