Puccini’s Opera “Turandot” part 2.—Reason of Her Madness.

Listening “Turandot” after a long time, I thought about Turadot herself.

Why had she killed foreign princes who hoped to marry her?

It was for princess Lou-Ling, her ancestor, who was murdered by foreign man thousands years ago.

Yes, murdered… and possibly raped. She told Calaf about it in famous area.

When I listened the opera frequently, it was about 10 years ago, I thought she told about herself.

What do you mean?

I mean, she herself has suffered by sexual harm. So she strongly emphasized with Lou-Ling’s story.

And also I thought the emperor, her father should be blamed Turandot’s sexual suffering. Because he wouldn’t stop her outrageous act though he could stop… he seemed to have serious debt to his daughter.

rainbow kidOh, I see… It was possible. So it was Turandot’s #Me Too.

But this time, I thought it was also possible that nothing happened to herself.

It was possible that it was just #With You of Turandot, for Lou-Ling.

I thought so because recently I participated in “flower demo”, by people who protest sexual violence.

The start of flower demo was to protest against the judgements of not guilty to rapists. And I joined the demo because I felt afraid of the society which allowed sexual violence. I wanted to ensure that there were other people who felt so. I believe I got to be insane if it was only me…

So I thought, Turandot got insane because no one but her really, seriously grieved Lou-Ling’s tragedy.

“It was thousands ago! It was finished case!”, like that.

The real she needed were who grieved with her.

rainbow kidCalaf should do that if he really loved her.

Weep with those who weep. (Romans 12-15)

So I felt sorry for the ending of the opera. But… I could understand Turandot confused much in that moment. Because she indirectly murdered Liu, an innocent girl.

Then, how would it be their marriage life?

I think Calaf would not live so long…