The Handmaiden (Korean Movie) … I felt empowered!

Yesterday I watched “The Handmaiden”(Korean movie) at home. It was the 2nd time I watched the movie, but he hadn’t seen it before.

I had watched it almost 3 years ago, in the theater. I remember there were several old men watching the movie with me.


Anyway, the movie was great and beautiful.

Later I read the original work, Sarah Waters’ “Fingersmith”, and have learned Korean more.

And this time, I watched it with my husband.

rainbow kidDid your impression changed?

It was more interesting than the first time! Though it has some great surprises in the story.

I thought it was thanks to my husband. I felt he admired the movie during watching, in different meaning from old men in the theater. I was glad for I recommended the movie!

rainbow kid smilingThen, what did he say after the movie ended?

Almost nothing… I understood it because I couldn’t say nothing just after the ending… But just “Two heroines were good Japanese speakers, weren’t they?” (We are Japanese.) Maybe we’ll talk about it more later.

And he asked what were the difference from original novel.

You mentioned about it, the English novel here… in Korean. And now about the Korean movie in English…

Anyway, I read the novel after watching the movie. …It was so hard!! Comparing with the original, the movie is like Disney movies!

Of course the novel was great and interesting… though too hard… but I prefer the movie. Because I felt empowered!

Women loving each other should be happy… I felt such hope of creators of the movie.

Beside, the setting changed to Korea occupied by Japan. Two women are Korean and Japanese. The story that Korean girl saves Japanese girl touched me so much, as I am a Japanese woman…

rainbow kid surprisedBeside, they were good Japanese speakers.

Oh, yes. Though I feel a little strangeness listening their Japanese as a native speaker, it was really beautiful Japanese rather than native’s speaking. The part of the strangeness was maybe for too much beauty of speaking. I could feel “Japanese is beautiful language” for it…

Hadn’t you thought so until watch the movie?

You know… the native tongue aren’t “words” for me. I am learning English and Korean, and they are the words for me. I mean… I feel almost no trouble to use Japanese. They are too easy to utter or read or write, so that I forget they are the tools of communication…

But I watched the movie and listened Japanese as real tools, I could find Japanese is a language, the words. It was happy experience for me! I was empowered also for it!