Ordinary Plastic Bag, Please!! (And Don’t Hide Sanitary Napkin!)

Do you remember that I told period’s story once in this blog.

Here, when you were on your period.

Oh yes!

Now I tell you new story about it!

In Japan, when you buy sanitary napkins in any shop, cashiers put it in BLACK PLASTIC BAGS then give you.

Ordinary bag is white plastic which is half transparent.

You may know why… Yeah! It’s for hiding sanitary napkins. It’s caused by the culture women should feel shame about their periods… their bodies.

Well, I don’t even want to call it “culture”… it’s the simple gender discrimination.

But the idea didn’t come to me until I went to buy sanitary napkin a few days ago. The idea that I can refuse the black plastic bag for sanitary napkins!

Hadn’t you ever had the idea to refuse it?!

No… it’s strange and stupid for me, now I think.

But that day, I refused!

There was a line at cash register in the drug store. When my turn came, the cashier, a young boy, was about to prepare the black plastic bag seeing me handing sanitary napkins.

I said, a little got tense,

“Ordinary bag, please.”

Then? How did he react?

It was terrible!! He screamed hysterically having held his head with his both hands, “ What a senseless!! How shameful!! Did everyone hear what this female monster said?! Oh my god! Oh my god!…”


I know. What did he say, actually?

He said “Ah, yes.”

And put the sanitary napkins in ordinary white plastic bag. That’s all.

How easy it was! But how nice it was…

I almost danced having walked back home with the white bag shining like moon, on the street at night!