I Love Being Alone at Home… Sometimes

Today my husband went out somewhere. I am home alone now.

All of the time is mine, I can regard. I never want to waste my time, so I can use it well. Writing blog like this, reading book, cooking (and eating, of course), planning something fun…

Though there is risk to eat sweets too much without other’s eyes… I love this time. It likes that I live by myself!

Haven’t you ever lived by yourself?!

No… I lived at my parent’s house in city and had no need to move. I heard American young people have to leave their parents’ houses (or cannot endure to live with parents) after they graduated high school.

I simply admired them! For I couldn’t leave my parent’s until I married in my 33 year-olds! …Well, I know it’s late even in Japanese culture.

rainbow kidDo you want to try it now?

Why… it means I will break up with my husband, isn’t it…?

Well, actually I enjoy the time being alone at home, so it seems to be comfortable. Though I also enjoy living with him! Sometimes is OK to be alone.

rainbow kidBut you will be alone some day, won’t you?

Of course! I am younger than him, I will not die first!

Hm, I think it will be also OK. I will enjoy living by myself!

By the way, my mom also has no experience of living alone. And she, unlike me, is afraid to be alone someday.

rainbow kidShe may ask you to live with her when she will be alone.

No, she seems to think she will live over than her daughter…

Once she looked at my cup and murmured

“It will be too sad to see it after you died…”

…Is this the part I should laugh?

I hope so…