The way I became an illustrator

I became an illustrator since I declared “I am an illustrator”. Though I had updated about it with manga already, I want share about it here again.

I worked at a certain human rights organization, not as an illustrator but drawing illustration for flyers or lief-lets sometimes.

It pleased my people. Because there were almost no person who can draw illustration.

And when I quitted job at the organization, I made my name card as an illustrator.

rainbow kidCould you get illustration job?

Yes, fortunately.

I think it was because I had my strong area. About human rights, laws, and feminism. And because I knew people worked for them.

For becoming illustrator, or anything else, I think it’s so important to have your special interests. If you had special skills for them, it was better, of course.

But first, you should make your interest clearer.

Because people prefer to work with someone who has same interest, same sense of mission.

Beside illustration or designing revealed the creator’s sense. I know failed posters about human rights. It was clear that the designer or illustrator had no interest in human rights… and sometimes they were flaming online…

rainbow kid surprisedHey, you talk with assurance today…

Oh, because I assured it from my own experience! …But why, did I look talking without assurance usually…? Sorry for it…