Can you Stop Reading the Boring/Too Difficult Book?

Ummmmm… I’m not really willing to continue reading this novel…

What are you reading?

Ah, I don’t think I should tell the title…Anyway.

What do you do if you found the book you were reading was boring, or too difficult and hard to continue reading?

I stop reading, of course!

Wow… you can do that…

What do you mean? Can’t you stop reading a book you hate?

No I couldn’t, almost all times.

Why? Well… Unless I found the writer was bad person (I mean bad at writing), I can’t throw away the hope that the story might become interesting!

rainbow kid surprisedHm, I see… So was there good experience of that?

Do you mean the example that the boring book turned interesting at the end of the story? No, almost.

But! But how do you know this time is so, too?

It’s too bad to find the book I stopped reading turns so interesting at the end!

rainbow kidHow do you know that? It’s no problem because I stopped reading and never know about after story anymore.

Hmmm… Well… You’re right… But…

It’s like gambling addiction.

“Next time…! Maybe next time I will win…!” Like that? Oh my god, it’s book-ending addiction.

Someone like me, cannot stop boring books, said that she thought “The book is higher than me”. It means, readers have no right to stop reading! I think it’s more serious case than mine. But funny.

rainbow kidBy the way, how about too-difficult books? Can’t you stop reading it, too?

No I can’t. And that’s harder to read than boring books. But I can’t stop because I might get to understand it! Or the book might get to be nice to me!!

I think you’ve wasted your time terribly…

Oh, no! Not about this novel! It’s in English, so it at least helps me to get used to English…