It’s Too Hard For Mothers…

Last day I got train and found a young couple with a baby.

Baby started to cry, then woman (the baby’s mother, I supposed) who held the baby moved to… train coupling part!

I knew why. She was afraid that “the noise” bothered everyone in the train.

But I murmured to the man (the baby’s father, I supposed), 

“No… they don’t have to move to such place, don’t they…?”

He smiled a little sadly.

What’s that? Beside, I think the place wasn’t safe for baby and mother!


And I felt sad, too. 

Maybe the couple also knew the baby didn’t have to be moved.

But they were scared other passengers’ claims, tsk-tsking, angry coughs, or any other violent attitudes.

What a shame!

I didn’t think Japanese society became such a nasty one.

When I was a little child, at least, I remember grown people smiled at us, children in train or on street…

Did their kindness or common sense go somewhere?

I hope the law which obligate people smile-faces when they met babies or little children enforced! 

There is no choice when ethics doesn’t work…

rainbow kidYou told about #safetypin movement, didn’t you? I think it’s useful for children.

“I am safe for children, babies and their grown companion”, good. People wearing safety-pin for minorities cannot be unsafe for children.

Beside, I think unsafe people for children are also unsafe for other minorities, including women.

I saw a lot of witness information on Twitter that fathers with babies are less harassed by other passengers in train by far than mothers. I think it is true. People who do harassment target the more powerless. Mothers than fathers, means women than men. Oops!

It’s strange. Women’s rights improved comparing with the time you were a child. Then why did the situation around mother and children get worse?

Hmmmmm… I’m afraid that the improvement of women’s rights itself is the very reason. Old-fashioned men are in fear of lose their privileges (though they don’t think they have privilege. It’s just “natural status” for them.)  and attack women or other minorities. 

Of course, I never think that women’s rights should not improve. I think it’s not enough. Mothers will be safe when women become perfectly equal with men.

I mean, more correctly, the reason why people harass mothers now a days is halfway improvement of women’s rights. And there are no choice of going back!