Merit of Reading Novels

Someone said “Reading novels is almost waste of time.”

Well, I confess that at once I thought so, too. It’s not always tell me facts, nor increase my knowledge. I wanted to be wise and need more and more information. It’s true sometimes novels tell us true history or social problem or scientific facts, but it’s faster to read about itself than to experience and find through reading what characters experienced in the story. So at once, I have stopped reading novels and read only practical books.

But somehow I restarted reading novels, and found.

Reading novels helps me so much!

rainbow kidAbout what? Does it increase your knowledge?

I’m not sure about it, but I could get more important thing from novels.

It’s steadiness of my mind.

Hey, don’t you know about its importance?

Thanks to that, I could cope with stress and sleep well. Then I could concentrate my attention to work or study more. My quality of life obviously improved!

Only by reading novels? Why could you feel calm?

Because I learned to describe the situation or movement of my mind any time, like description in novels. (It just became habit whether I want or not…) It helps finding my true feeling, and taking more suitable measure.

For example, if I got on crowded train and felt irritated, I could talk… no, write in my heart,

“The train was crowded. It made me feel irritated.”

Only that can make me calm. I think it’s a kind of mindfulness.

I can’t understand why it calms you down.

Why, if I couldn’t write in my heart, I was just irritated without knowing the cause was crowded train, nor even knowing the fact that I was irritated itself, then wanted some sweets without knowing why, ate too much after I got off the train and arrived somewhere, and regretted it, hated myself, couldn’t sleep at night, my skin became rougher, my brain became dull…

I can try to calm myself down only after I noticed I was irritated and knew the reason. 

But it’s important to continue reading novels for keeping the habit.

Hmm, I didn’t know the importance of knowing my emotion.

It’s too important! 

Verbalizing is grasping.

One more merit of it. I can feel myself important by describing in my heart. Because it’s like becoming the leading character of a novel. It makes me happy.

rainbow kidSo, are you describing in your heart now?

Yes, do you want to read it?

“Writing the article for my blog, I found myself hungry. I know supper time is coming soon. But I can’t stop myself thinking of a doughnut. A doughnut, with chocolate…”

You want sweets either way…

“I imagined myself going to convenience store. Will I buy a doughnut? Only one? No, I want two. Don’t I want other sweets? Yes, I want ice-cream, too.”

rainbow kidEnough.