Hiding Sanitary Shorts

Oh no, my period just started. I feel so heavy…

You should lie down, shouldn’t you?

But it’s too boring… Oh, sweets! I want to eat some sweets! Chocolate! Doughnuts! And a cup of coffee!

Calm down. I think all of that are not good for woman’s body on her period.

I know. I wonder why people want something bad for their bodies… Isn’t there instinct to keep themselves healthy?

Anyway at this opportunity of my period, I want share about stories of menstruation I heard.

I’m afraid that people ask girls to feel shame about their periods.

When my mom was a girl, her grandma (my great grandma) told her that she had to hide her sanitary shorts. Even during they were hanged as laundry!

How can she hide them? 

Wrapping them up in towel. How ridiculous!  

But fortunately, my mom thought so, too. She never told me hide my sanitary shorts, of course, nor talk about menstruation as shameful thing.

My great grandma was old-fashioned. I thought it was just a problem of generation gap. But…

When I was a elementary school student, I was 12, some of my friends and my menstruation had begun. I wanted to talk about it with one of my friend in the schoolyard, then she changed colour and said

“You shouldn’t say that ward. You shouldn’t talk about it.”

She seemed to thought me as thoughtless girl and really be astonished.

12 year-olds girl said so…

As a thoughtless girl, I doubted that her mother might be my great grandma…

And when I was a junior high school student, a female physical training teacher said to girls that if someone had to pass the class for her period, she would record as she pass for cold. And girls thanked her very much! They said the teacher was very kind and thoughtful.

How did you think as a thoughtless girl?

I couldn’t understand why girls felt shame of their periods so much.

But after I grew up, I found girls whose fathers had too much power in their family tended to feel shame about their periods. And feminist’s daughters (like me) rarely felt like that.

Well, that’s true. Women hide about their period for men, not for other women because they of course know about it well. It’s for men, for men’s comfortability. Because menstruation is “dirty” thing… it must be men’s thought, at first. Later, it also became women’s thought, because men ruled women, and even women’s thought…how terrible. 

OMG, my period cramp got heavy…! I want doughnuts and a cup of coffee!!

rainbow kidOk, lie down, anyway…