Stop Cat-Calling!

This time I’m going to talk with Mi-ke, the cat… I suppos.e because I will talk about cats. Hi, Mi-ke!

Hi Fumiko. I believe you love and respect cats sincerely.

Of course.

Tough I found I was not enough about respect for cats.

Every time I notice there are cats on a street, or a park or anywhere, I can’t stop myself calling them, going nearby them, squatting, and stroke them if they allowed. 

But often they run away from there when I was going nearby. 

I felt sorry for them having run away, because they temporarily lost the nice spaces they found for taking a nap or resting, didn’t they?


So I decided to stop calling cats. I only glance at them with a smile and bow.

Even when there are people seeing you? 

No problem. 

I think calling a cat-like “Heellooooooo kittieeeeeee” and going there and squatting are more odd behaviour than just bowing to a cat.

But for my cat friends, I can’t stop doing like that…

Cat friends?

Yes, in my neighbourhood there are some cats calling me and sometimes coming near me when they found me. I should stroke them.

Cats call you.

Well, my husband is more about it. There is a female cat in our neighbour park. She runs toward him when she found him, sometimes passing through dishes for cats! Though he has nothing to eat… She loves to lie on his breast.

So did he lie down, too? They’re like lovers…

(Cough, cough!)

By the way, I got to know about the word “cat-calling” a few days ago. It means that men calls or whistle to passing women for sexual meanings. 

I once witnessed it when I travelled with my friend to a certain country in Europe. Two men passed by us on the street, talking to us “You’re beautiful!” in the local language.

I thought they were just friends at that time, but now I think it was rude and …I would felt scared if I was alone then. 

Beside, I’m not sure they would do like that to Caucasian women. Didn’t they regard coloured women cats or something!?

(Cough, cough!)

…Oh!!! Sorry about such an expression!