My Husband Cooks

My husband cooks every day.

He wakes up and prepares his breakfast (I have no breakfast) in the morning, cooks his lunch at the noon (we prepare each lunch because we both work at home and want to keep own paces of working), and make supper for us, two.

My grandma used to be surprised hearing about it.

“Man cooks! It’s unbelievable for our generation…! Well, It’s fantastic!”

Hmm, I heard that in the Japanese Edo period (about 17~19 centuries), in Edo city, about town family, father often made breakfast (Miso soup, cooked rice or something) for his family and went to work, though.

Anyway, also in My generation (born in the ’80s), it seems to be fantastic that husband cooks for his family. My woman friends envy me. Maybe their husband doesn’t cook.

But wait, it’s me who wash dishes after supper!

…Well, they might envy me even if my husband washes dishes after I cook supper… 

Can men become a hero only if he cooks, in Japan?

I’m afraid so.

Japanese men rarely do housework in comparison to other developed countries. (If I could say Japan was a developed country…)

On the other hand, Japanese women work too much, too long in their houses.

I think Japanese housework (especially cooking) takes too much time and effort.

The worse thing is that, if wives or mothers couldn’t do enough, they felt remorse themselves!

My mom has been worked and rather a feminist.

But at some funeral, when the old husband of dead old wife said “She was a pretty attentive mother for her children”, she, my mother, seemed to be shocked. She said, “Nobody will say I was an attentive mother in my funeral” after that.

rainbow kidBut didn’t she actually attentive to you?

No, I don’t think so.

But about cooking, though she is a great cook at home, she didn’t cook as other mothers did. When I was a child, her mother, my grandma used to made supper for my sister and me. Maybe she felt guilty about it.

Then, in some memorial party, when sons of a dead lady who were activist for peace said “We don’t know the taste of mother’s cuisine. She used to do outside catering every day”, everyone laughed, and my mom’s laugh was the largest. I understood how she was relieved!

But how about your dad? Did he cook?

Rarely, when I was a child. I hated it! I thought he should make supper at least 3 days a week because he was the husband of a feminist! …He makes supper 4 days in a week now, though. 

rainbow kid smilingGood for everyone.

I was lucky to marry a man who cooks. But it also because I had strongly wanted men to cook, do housework. I never married him if he didn’t cook for me when we were dating!

Once he talks about his male friends. 

They came to his house, looked him cooking for them, all said: “Why can you cook?!”

He said, “Why you not?!”

I’m curious about it, too…