Hair is self-consciousness

Hey… you cut your hair by yourself again…

Yeah… Isn’t it too short for me?

I couldn’t stop cutting. You know, cutting hair is fun.

I don’t know…

Hmm, OK, I will try to explain!

I have thick naturally curly hair. So more and more my hair is grown, bigger and bigger my silhouette becomes. I feel like I have snakes or dragons on my head.

rainbow kid smilingHahaha, Medusa!

I thought Medusa was suffered by that, too…

But anyway, the big silhouette of hair sometimes gives me self-confidence. I feel big when I enjoy my life. On the other hand, when I feel stress, I can’t endure keeping such big silhouette, snakes, dragons, or self-consciousness. 

I think because I had struggled with my “odd” hair in Japan, my hair became my self-consciousness itself for me. So when I feel stress, I want to cut the heavy self-consciousness off.

In fact, my hair condition gets worse when my mental condition got worse. It lost its moisture and luster. Dandruff increase…

If I still had a little vigor, I try to recover my hair condition by eating nuts (especially walnuts), seaweeds, and sleeping well.

But if I didn’t have even such energy… I cut my hair!

rainbow kidIs it making you happy?

To a certain extent. 

Cutting hair which I don’t like off is fun. I feel I cut off my stress itself. I like the sound of scissors cutting hair, too. Recently I use nice scissors for cutting hair. My husband’s one, though.

After cut the hair, I felt release and light. In fact, my head lost some weight.

But a few times, I regretted I made my hair too short… like this time…

rainbow kid surprisedCheer up! Hair grows.

You’re right. Thanks!

I started to protest racism and sexism again with a new hairstyle, in this society… (sigh)