I Bought Safety Pins

I feel sooooooooo shame of my country!!

Many Korean people who lived in Japan threatened by Japanese racists… no, by Japanese society itself.

I wrote it in this blog in Korean before, that I bought safety pins. 

I heard after ‘Brexit’ vote in the U.K, or after Trump won the presidential election in the U.S.A, hate crimes against refugees, immigrants, or sexual minorities increased. So sensible people wear safety pins and show they are ‘safe’ for the minorities.    

So I want the #safetypin movement spread in Japan, too.

But I can’t understand why the Japanese hate Korean… 

Me too, actually. It is rather natural Korean or Chinese hate Japanese because of the Empire of Japan’s lameness in the 19~20th century. But during this ‘trade war’, Korean people seem to distinguish between the Japanese government and Japanese citizens. Though they don’t buy Japanese industrials nor travel to Japan, most of them were nice to Japanese people, a traveler in Korea. 

My twitter friend, the Japanese student in Korean college, tweeted Korean people rather worried her about being bullied because she was Japanese. She said, of course, she wasn’t bullied. 

I think part of (or most of? I afraid…)Japanese don’t know the history of Japanese invasion upon other Asian countries. 

Though I learned about it in junior high school and high school, the current administration doesn’t want schools to teach the history of guilt. So textbooks changed, too. There is less description of our perpetration.

Why? I’m afraid the Japanese government doesn’t hold a history of harm against foreign countries guilty, and plot to commit again…

…Oh my god, It’s like a dystopia…

Exactly this is a dystopia.

Do you know what Japanese medias broadcast every day? 

Not about increasing consumption tax, nor water privatization, nor serious human rights violations against migrant workers in Japan but the scandal of the close adviser of President Moon! 

They attacked the Korean president and childishly feel good because “Korean government is spoilt”, during much serious corruption is progressing in OUR COUNTRY! They can’t broadcast about them because of fear for the government…

Following these situations, as I said Korean people who lived in Japan feel threatened by racism, and the feel is reasonable. 

There are countless hate speeches on the internet, even in mass media. 

And we Japanese should memorize that after the great ‘Kanto’ (an area centered around Tokyo) earthquake in1923, about 6000 Korean people killed by Japanese vigilantes. There were false rumors such as Korean poisoned the well…

I am scared I might get used to the abnormal situation… Now I wrote about it in English, the foreign language, I just noticed it is abnormal. Abnormal speeches in Japanese continue surrounding me and paralyze my common sense, I can’t stand it anymore… 

Hey, snap out of it! The most threatened people are Korean in your country.

You’re right! So I wear the safety pin and will be their guard!

Fortunately, still, there are safe sensible Japanese people. I hope all of them wear a safety pin.