Japanese Learning Korean 3. —Reading novels!

As I am learning foreign languages, I want to recommend reading novels written in the language you are learning.

Some foreign learners say they don’t have enough ability to read novels.

But I can say you have enough ability to read foreign novels if you know a few words on a single paragraph.

I read novels in Korean and English (you know, my native language is Japanese), found it helped my learning a lot.

Actually I hadn’t thought it helped me so much. I just enjoyed reading foreign characters. It was OK I couldn’t understand most of the story, so I didn’t use dictionary.

You didn’t?! 

Yes, I just read… it was fun. It was like to recall the dream I dreamed last night or to look around the misty room. 

I knew I could continue learning and develop my ability, so I enjoyed such a reading experience which will never visit me again.

…But I noticed if the main character dated with a charming guy, or the guy died… so I could enjoy the stories, too.

But I don’t think it’s helpful to read unknown words without a dictionary…

I thought so too, but in fact, it was helpful for me.  

Especially in learning Korean, you know Korean has original characters so you should get used to these first meeting characters. So reading novels became a very helpful training for me. 

Also, I got to get used to the world of the Korean language. Wording, the rhythm, and the kind of atmosphere.

Besides, I could increase vocabulary.


It was similar to increase your native language vocabulary in reading.

For example…

어제와 내일, 과거와 미래. 

I knew 어제와 내일 meant “yesterday and tomorrow”, and next word 과거와 meant “the past and”, but didn’t know what the last word 미래 meant.

rainbow kid“Yesterday and tomorrow, the past and” …the future?

Right, “The future”! Like this, I could increase my vocabulary.

So everyone learning foreign languages, let’s enjoy reading novels!

rainbow kidBut why novels? Isn’t it OK to read a law book or political column in the newspaper?

……Are you serious…?