No TV, Happy Life

My husband and I have no TV in our flat.

It was good for me that I fell in love with a man who didn’t need TV.

I also don’t need, and even hate TV… well, correctly, many TV programs in Japan.


Because I could rarely find any programs without discrimination and prejudice against women, foreign people, sexual minorities, or any other minorities.

I felt sick when I saw such expression not only because it was like shit, but also because program makers thought it was OK and actually such expression have been continued because many people accept it…

rainbow kidFor example?

In many news programs, casters are a pair configured by a middle-aged man and young beautiful woman. The man speaks mainly, the woman is like his assistant, the man expounds the news to the woman, the woman listens to him seriously…

I think I know what you mean…

It is worse in an entertainment show. Old men having power in show biz world almost always show sexual/power harassments on TV. They talk about women’s appearance, age and make a jest of these women.

But I know it happens not only on TV. Because of misogyny in our society, they can perform like that.

And recently, though I don’t watch TV now I find it on Twitter, hate expressions against South Korea are seriously increase. Because the government wants it to distract people’s attention from mismanagement. 

On the other hand they praise Japan. Especially they love the story that western people praise Japanese people, culture or something… 

I wonder neither program makers nor audiences feel the shame of that childishness. 

rainbow kidYou should also stop looking at Twitter, shouldn’t you?

Umm, you’re right. I get to feel better, I think. 

But actually I don’t feel so sick now than when I lived in my parent’s house and watched TV every day. 

Well, maybe the society doesn’t change better even if I stop watching hateful TV, but it is also true that the society doesn’t change better even if I endure to watch foolish, childish programs and build up stress…

On the contrary, I got to be able to sleep well, work with concentration, and have more time for reading good books and writing the blog! I noticed how TV takes away a peaceful mind, energy and time from me.  Besides, I can watch interest dramas on the internet, movies in theatres!

rainbow kidGood for you!

…But to be honest, I hope someday almost all TV programs in my country get to go without hate expression and be really interesting and sincere… sniff,,