The Case of My Nukadoko —Nukazuke and Me part.4

Now I tell you about the suffering of my nukadoko in detail.

The first year I started nukadoko, I stirred it one time a day in late autumn~ early spring and 2 times a day in spring~early autumn. But this spring, I found it was OK to stir nukadoko only one time a day because it matured enough, tremendous plant lactic bacterias(PLAB) in it helped to keep nukadoko in good condition. And in this summer, in terribly high temperature of Tokyo (I don’t think the weather is suitable for the Olympic…), I still stirred nukadoko only one time a day. But it was OK. Since one day I came back home too late…

Now I thought I should stir it 2 times a day or keep it in a refrigerator.

In the doomsday, after I came back home too late, I opened a lid of the plastic container and stirred nukadoko as usual. I noticed nothing, but my partner screamed.

It smells like SHIT!

Then I noticed too. But hey, my dear partner, DON’T CALL MY NUKADOKO SHIT!!! 

Well, I could understand him… He used to say “It smells like shit” in some bar, actually, the master of the bar brought us a hot cheese dish. 

Yes, my nukadoko started to smell like cheese… but a bit rotten… I might say “like shit” but I love my nukadoko too much to call it like …that.

But what was the cause?

Hmmm, I think it was sure the rate of PLAB in my nukadoko decreased. And instead of PLAB, some other bacterias increased. But I don’t know what was it.

First of all, I put my nukadoko in a refrigerator and searched how to resolve it on the internet.

The next day, I put nukadoko out from the refrigerator and add chili peppers and salt. I didn’t measure the account because I was flustered, maybe 10 grams of chili peppers and 50~60 grams of salt.  

And keep it in a room. Not in the refrigerator. Because in low-temperature other bacterias don’t increase but PLAB too. And I stirred it 5 times a day.

After that, the bad smell on nukadoko seemed (smelled) to decrease, but it was not enough. 

I started pickle vegetables so that PLAB produced from them.

Don’t tell me you ate the vegetables pickled in sick nukadoko.


And there was no problem! I found the unknown bacterias caused to smell like cheese were not bad for my health. They just smelled and tasted bad.

Finally, I add 300 grams of rice bran and 30grams of salt in my nukadoko.

Wasn’t it too much?

I knew, but I felt it needed to do that because thanks to the many vegetables I pickled, my nukadoko was too watery then.  After added them, I buried 4 pieces of radish and sliced ginger. And the next day…

The bad smell has gone!

rainbow kid sniffingGood for you, and for your partner.

Well, the problems remained.

First, I still don’t know how to remove the bad smell exactly. I tried various methods so it was possible there were unnecessary actions.  

Second, my partner is still scared by possible-shit-like-smell and runs away from the room when the lid of the nukadoko opens.

It’s possible he has a very keen nose and catches the remnant’s smell.

Or he pretends to catch the smell.

For what?

He may be jealous of my nukadoko because it is loved by me… Oh, darling, I love you the most in all human beings! 

…And love my nukadoko the most in all bacterias.