How to keep Your Nukadoko —Nukazuke and Me part.3

Last time I told you how to make nukadoko.

Now let’s pickle the vegetables!

Orthodox vegetables for nukazuke are cucumbers, carrots, radishes, eggplants, and cabbages.

Someone said tomatoes or avocados are difficult to pickle but delicious, I haven’t tried yet…

Here I told you how to make nukazuke of a cucumber and a piece of carrot.

  1. Wash cucumber and a piece of carrot (If small one, a whole carrot. Peel if you like) well with water.
  2. Bury them into nukadoko and smooth the surface of nukadoko.
  3. After half a day ~ 2 days (it’s OK to pickle for more days. Vegetables just become sourer.) take them out and remove nuka on the surface (you can wash them with water but do not wash too much), cut into bite-size pieces.

Then it’s ready to eat!

rainbow kid surprisedEasy.

Yes, making nukazuke is easy. But it’s more important to keeping nukadoko.

After your nukadoko matured, you must stir up one time a day in winter. 

In summer, 2 times a day.

If it’s difficult for you, or room temperature is too high (in summer), keep nukadoko in the refrigerator, and stir one time a week at least.

But in low temperatures, PLAB (plant lactic acid bacterias) or other bacterias lose energy so it takes more time to pickle vegetables.

rainbow kidSo if I went travel, I should put my nukadoko into the refrigerator. But how about a long absence?

When I leave home for more than a week, I put it into the freezer. 

rainbow kid surprisedIs it OK?!

No problem. PLAB doesn’t die even in the freezer but sleeps. Defrost nukadoko naturally when you come back.

rainbow kidAny other notes?

Well, you should keep nukadoko salty to prevent the propagation of bad bacterias. So add salt sometimes.

And when nukadoko became too watery by water from vegetables, add rice bran and 10% salt for it. 100 grams of rice bran and 10 gram of salt, for example. Not add too much!

When you have troubles with nukadoko, ask me anything, I will answer!

rainbow kid smilingWow, you are a specialist!

…Actually no, I just search on the internet and answer. There are much information about nukadoko but most of them are in Japanese.

Now I remember you said your nukadoko was almost dead.

Yes, but it revived. I want to tell you about it, next time…