12. My Nukadoko revived!! —Nukazuke and Me part.1

This summer, my nukadoko was almost dying… It smelled like cheese, rotten… 

But I cared it enthusiastically and it got better! Yeah! my nukadoko revived!!!

…Hey… What is nukadoko? 

…Actually I know you don’t know…

Nukadoko is paste of sour salty fermented rice bran. 

Nuka means ‘rice bran’, Doko (Toko, exactly. But in this case we pronounce nukaDoko) means ‘bed’ in Japanese.

In this rice bran bed, we bury vegetables about for 1day and make sour salty nukazuke— Japanese traditional pickles.

Here is the picture of nukadoko I made 20 months ago. And nukazuke of radish.

rainbow kidWow… I thought that ‘nukadoko’ was your pet or something, at first.

Not wrong… Because nukadoko is alive. There are tremendous number of plant lactic acid bacterias, yeasts and… something mysterious… Actually I don’t know exactly what lives in there.

…Isn’t it scared?


Many kind of bacterias live in there, and fighting each other. I must keep good bacterias for my gut (plant lactic acid bacterias) superior. When I can keep like that, my nukazuke helps me to keep my gut healthy (you may understand what I mean!) and improve my immunity, as a result I hardly catch cold and my skin becomes bright!

…And if you couldn’t?

I told you… it smells like rotten cheese… or something worse… vegetables in it become inedible…

How do you keep good bacterias superior in nukadoko?

Well, before that, I think I should tell you how to make nukadoko itself.

Next time I will tell you!

I think I won’t make it…