Japanese Learning Korean —2. Passing TOPIK Level 6

This July, I took TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) and passed level 6 (the highest)!!!

rainbow kid surprisedCongratulations!!!

Thank you!! Oh my god… I couldn’t believe…!

Well, it’s true that I could do my best in listening tests and reading tests, but in writing tests, I couldn’t write the essay in a decided number of characters. It was more than 600, less than 700. But I could write only about … I remember just my essay was too short because time was over…

rainbow kid smilingBut you passed level 6.

Yes, fortunately. I’m so glad, but…

Look, here is what you can do when you passed TOPIK level 6.

Able to perform linguistic function necessary to the research and works in professional fields relatively correctly and fluently.
Able to understand and use the expressions related to even unfamiliar subjects of politics, economics, society, and culture.
Able to experience no difficulty in performing the functions or conveying the meaning, although the proficiency has not reached full native speaker proficiency.

rainbow kid surprisedWow! Can you do all of these?

OF COURSE, I CAN’T! I have only read novels in Korean and watched Korean movies and dramas! I don’t have the opportunity to speak Korean!! I DON’T EVEN HAVE A FRIEND WHO IS A NATIVE KOREAN SPEAKER!!!

Calm down, I know you have very few friends anyway.

I have traveled to Korea only one time, besides in that time I believed my ability of Korean speaking too much that I thought Korean people considered I wasn’t a foreigner, but actually kind people talked to me in Japanese (or Chinese,sometimes)! How kind!!

I tried to talk in Korean, but they continued talking in Japanese, and I continued talking in Korean, both sides never compromised…

rainbow kidFunny.

Well, anyway, what I want to tell you is that… Examination can exam only the ability of passing examination, sometimes…

rainbow kidI agree… so what are you going to do next?

Continue learning. …And try to make native Korean speaker friends… Though I have no confidence to speak well in Korean…

rainbow kidDo your best. By the way, what was the theme of the essay in TOPIK you took?

About self-confidence…