My Naturally Curly Hair (Part 2)

In Part 1 I talked about middle-aged ladies who envied me of curly hair.

True, thanks to my naturally curly hair, I spent little money on hair salon.

More exactly, I couldn’t. I don’t know all hair salons in Japan but a few where I went to told me “We can not cut curly hair like yours”…

How did you feel?

I just thought I had such special hair or difficult hair…

But when I was in college, my mom recommended one salon. She told the hairstylist that my hair was a difficult curly one. But he said “No problem! Come to my salon!”

I was excited. The professional hairstylist cut my hair!

Since then, I had cut my hair by myself. (When I was little, dad took me to the barber and asked to cut my hair, and his.)

Anyway, I went to the salon! And came back with straight hair!

Did you ask to apply straight perm?

Maybe no… I don’t remember about that time in the salon well…

I wasn’t used to going to a salon and just answered the stylist “Yes…OK… yes” though understood nothing in tension.

But, well, it was a good experience to have straight hair once.

rainbow kidHow was it?

Something was…off.

My friends in college said it suited me, but… I felt something like physical discomfort.


Curly hair is like spring. It’s like having many springs on your head. They spring every time I moved my head so I always suppose those reactions.

But in straight-hair-time, those hair reactions became so weak, though I unconsciously moved too strong.

Especially in the morning when I got up… although “straight hair morning” was once my dream.

Moreover, spring-like curly hair grew and I got to have CORKSCREWS on my head!

After that, I haven’t been to any hair salon and cut my hair by myself…

rainbow kidI see… open a wine bottle and let’s drink…