My Naturally Curly Hair (part 1)

The title of this site Curls Naturally portrays my hair.

rainbow kidIt looks so.

In Japan (where I was born and am living now) or in East Asia, curly hair is rare.

When I was a schoolgirl there was another child with curly hair at most. Almost always I was only one.

Weren’t you bullied?

Bad boys often teased my hair and good girls pitied my hair.

But my grandma and her friends admired my hair having saying “Just like Shirley Temple!”,  middle-aged ladies told me enviously “You’ll have no need to apply perm! We spend a lot of money on hair salons”.

 My mom gave up combing my hair. And my dad could soon find me in class observation day because of a big back view.

rainbow kidHow did you feel yourself?

Sometimes I hoped that one morning I wake up and found I had straight hair like everyone.

Though grandmas admired, for a child it’s more important how other children react.

…I want to make myself understood that Japanese school (society also) is so suffocating. I had only curly hair but was suffered so much for the mismatch.

rainbow kid disappointedOh, intolerant children…

Children were intolerant because adults taught them intolerance, I think.

Even now there are many junior high schools having school regulations which forbid students to dye hair or apply perm, and if someone has brown hair naturally, s/he must give school authorities a “natural hair certificate”. The biggest surprise was that the junior high school in Osaka forced a student who has naturally brown hair to dye black!

The student suffered from mental distress and filed suit against Osaka prefecture. Of course, I stand by her!

rainbow kid smilingMe, too! By the way, did you also submit the natural hair certificate? 

No, I didn’t have to. Because as the good girls pitied, for young people curly hair was not fashionable at that time. Teachers never thought I had applied perm by choice. They might pity me, too…

rainbow kid surprisedSo you didn’t have to apply straight perm.

At that time, yes. But once I did it when I was in college…

(To be continued)