Grandma Loves Gorgeous Guys

what a handsome guy!

This is about my grandma, who had gone last year in her 92 years old.

You often talk about dead family members.

But listen, when I lived with her in my parents’ house, grandma hardly walk or even wake up except mealtime.

When my dad told her that she could get a new boyfriend, grandma said…

Her son-in-law was also 70 at this time, anyway…

Such grandma had once woken up not for meal nor going to the bathroom.

rainbow kidSo, for what?

For watching Leslie Cheung.

I watched his movie “Days of Being Wild” on TV beside grandma’s bed in the living room, soon I found her woke up and watched the movie.

When the movie was over, she said that with a big smile

rainbow kid smilingWow, Leslie Cheung is great!

But there was a greater handsome actor, Lee Byung-hun.

He made grandma walk!

When I was watching his movie “Everybody Has Secrets” on that TV, grandma was sitting at a table behind the sofa I sat on.

I looked back for I felt some indication, grandma was standing up and watching TV eagerly!

And slowly she was getting close to the sofa, grabbing here and there, keeping her eye on the movie, on Lee Byung-hun’s face.

Finally, she sat down next to me and muttered.

your grandfather was handsome, too...

rainbow kid surprisedWhat on earth did she mean??

I thought she was shaken up by his attraction that she had to remember her dead husband purposely…

Amazing LBH…