My Solution When Mom Coldly Received New Cat

It started since when I found the poster in front of an animal hospital.

please be her foster parent

Having looked at a picture of orphan cat, I remembered Killy, a Siamese cat my mom had kept when she was young. (I saw Killy only in pictures.)

Mom said she wanted to be “foster parent” of the cat when I showed her a picture of the poster.

Then Momo (I named her) came to our house.

There has been an older cat Sonya in our house already. I had been afraid whether they (both female cat) got along with each other or not.

But finally, they got to take a nap together on one chair.

Momo and Sonya sleeping side by side

rainbow kid smilingHappy ending!

Not yet. Because my mom was disappointed at Momo.

mom said "Killy was far more beautiful and elegant"

Mom had really loved Killy.

Killy and Momo were bot Siamese-looking so she couldn’t help herself comparing two cats.

rainbow kid disappointedBut Killy was Killy and Momo was Momo, wasn’t she?

Yes, indeed.

I wanted mom to focus on Momo’s individuality, so, I drew a cartoon.

rainbow kid surprised About what?!

Of course, about Momo, and Sonya.

“Madame Natasha and Little Gigi” were modeled after Sonya and Momo.

I uploaded the cartoon on my site, and Mom enjoyed reading it when she took a break in her office.

rainbow kidCan I read it?


But I’m embarrassed because those pictures are terrible. I drew them about ten years ago when I hadn’t started an illustrator’s career yet… Anyway, this is cartoon Momo, Gigi.

A scene from “Madame Natasha and Little Gigi”

rainbow kidHer tail is funny.

Her tail kinked almost like a knot.

Mom hadn’t liked it, too. Killy had had a straight beautiful tail…

rainbow kidAnd ‘Gigi’ looks a little miserable and sometimes creepy.

That was the very character Momo had!

Comparing Sonya who was like a queen, Momo looked to have no self-confidence, and sometimes… yes, a little creepy. Just now I remember her eyes glowed red…

Anyway, seeing her in the cartoon, don’t you fell all of these are funny and lovable?

rainbow kidHmm, so how about your mom?

Come on, she got to be brainwashed completely by the propaganda!

“Poor Momo is not beautiful, but funny and lovable!” she said, and stroked Momo wholeheartedly. Momo also seemed to be happy on mom’s lap.

Me drawing cartoon and Mom stroke Momo heartfully

Momo had lived with us for about eight years until she died of cancer…

rainbow kid sniffing(Sniff)

Oh, I also made LINE stickers of “Natasha and Gigi”. The quality of the pictures is much better than cartoons on my site.

LINE sticker of “Natasha and Gigi”

rainbow kidCommercial ending…