Hello, welcome to my blog!

I’m Fumiko, an illustrator, and a cartoonist.

I’m a Japanese woman living in Tokyo.

And I have naturally curly hair…

Me surrounded by characters I created.

And they, people(?) surround me are characters I created.

You can see them in cartoons on my site.

cartoons I drew in my site

I drew them nearly ten years ago, so now I feel a little embarrassed seeing them because they look too inexperienced…

Also, I made LINE stickers like that.

There are Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, Italian, Russian, and French ones.

Oh, but don’t regard I can understand all of those languages!

Now, I will start my blog.

I will share with you my funny experiences, opinions, or books/movie reviews with illustration, and with them.

With us? What do you mean?

me I mean this style.